How to Stop Buffering or Freezing on vSeeBox?


The Complete Guide to: How to stop Buffering / Freezing on your vSeeBox There’s no bigger buzzkill when streaming with an interruption for buffering problems. Here’s the complete guide…

General troubleshooting steps:
(1) Clear caches / reboot your vSeeBox.

Internet connection troubleshooting steps:
(2) Reboot your router and modem: Unplug the power cables from your router and your modem, leave both of them disconnected for at least 30 seconds, then plug back into both devices;
(3) try ethernet hardwire connections for optimal streaming instead of WiFi;
(4) If you’re using vSeeBox on WiFi, make sure there’s no overcrowding. Turn off the WiFi features on the devices that you don’t need them at the moment;
(5) Use the “” app in recommend section, to test your internet speed.

VPN connection troubleshooting steps:
(6) If you’re using a VPN, you can switch it on / off to see if it’s VPN disconnection;
(7) You can switch between VPN servers to test which one gives you a faster speed;
(8) Use the “” app in recommend section, to test your internet speed with / without VPN or under different VPN servers.

Live TV troubleshooting steps:
(9) Some channels like sports or major sport events section require more bandwidth while some didn’t, you can test between. For example, channel 10 Animal Planet East requires less bandwidth. If it streams smoothly on it while it buffers on sports channel, you may consider upgrade to higher bandwidth with your Internet Service Provider.
(10) If it’s certain channel(s) freeze/buffer and it continues for 30 mins, you can report it by feedback (Inside Heat Live – MENU – Info – Feedback – 2 No signal / frozen)

VOD/Playback troubleshooting steps:
(11) Try to pause it for up to 15 seconds before resuming the movie. This often rectifies the buffering issue.
(12) You can adjust the picture quality from high quality to low quality. For high quality, we recommend 15Mbps for seamless streaming without buffering.

Internet Service Provider troubleshooting steps:
(13) Internet service providers offer varying rates of speed at different price points. You can choose a higher internet connection speed when they need to support multiple users, so all members of the family can stream or surf at the same time. You can find out how your internet speed measures up (and if your ISP is making good on its promise) by checking with app on recommend section.

Some other recommendation:
(14) upgrade your Wi-Fi device: It might be time to upgrade. New Wi-Fi 6 routers promise increased speed.


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